Utilize these links to maximize your fundraising potential.Click the links below to download.

Pledge Form - Print this and carry it with you to collect off-line pledges wherever you go!

Fundraising Tips - Use these ideas to help boost your fundraising efforts.

Fundraising Goal Poster - Print this and hang it up in your office or at home to keep track of your fundraising progress and show everyone how close you are to reaching your goal!

"Join My AIDS Walk Team" Sign Up Form - Post this at work or school to have people sign up to join your AIDS Walk team.

Team Member Registration Form - Use this to sign up friends and family for your AIDS Walk team, and then fax it to the AIDS Walk office.

"Visit My Fundraising Website" Cards - Print these and pass them out to everyone you see, letting them know that you're participating in AIDS Walk Colorado!

Quick Reference Guide - All the details about the event!