Event FAQs

When and where will AIDS Walk Colorado take place?
How long is the Walk & Run?
How much does it cost to participate?
Can I bring my pets and/or children?
Where do I park on the day of the event?

Team FAQs

I don’t see my team listed in the drop down menu when I’m registering. How can I join my team?
Is there a deadline for registering a team?
How can my team get a table and a meeting spot at the event?
If someone has already registered as an individual can they still join my team?
How can my team get special Team shirts?
Where can I get the AIDS Walk Colorado logo for my team information?

Vendor FAQs

How can I become a vendor for AIDS Walk Colorado?
What are the vendor fees? Is there a discount for non-profits?
Can vendors set up early?

Fundraising FAQs

What is the Red Ribbon Challenge?
How can I collect donations online?
How can I collect donations offline?
How are the funds I raised used?
What is a matching gift?
What is the last day I can turn in any funds I raise?

Registration FAQs

Why do I need to use the same logon and password I had the previous year?
How do I get my password from last year?
How do I register to participate?