Are you a new fundraiser to AIDS Walk Colorado?
Get started by taking on the Red Ribbon Challenge and set an easy fundraising goal of $100!

Beginning a fundraising campaign can sometimes seem like an overwhelming experience. But, if you set an easily-attainable goal and break that goal down in to even simpler steps, you’ll find that fundraising is not only easy, but is also a fun way of connecting with people you know and getting them involved in a cause that you support.

Here’s an easy way to raise $100 in one day:

  • Donate $20 to yourself
  • Ask 2 people you know to donate $20 each to your challenge
  • Ask 4 people you know to donate $10 each to your challenge

That’s $100!

Look at it this way: Raising $100 would mean more meals served in the Food Bank; more free HIV tests administered so that people know their statuses; more transportation available to get to medical appointments; more counseling services offered to individuals dealing with new diagnoses or recent losses due to AIDS complications; and more education services to at-risk populations to decrease the number of new infections.

This is all possible, and easily done by taking on the Red Ribbon Challenge. It’s a challenge to get everyone you know to support what you believe in. It’s making a commitment to fighting AIDS in our community. It’s easy to do. It’s fun!

Remember, when you raise $100 or more, you receive the official commemorative AIDS Walk Colorado T-Shirt to wear with pride at the event and after, letting everyone you see know that you made a difference in the lives of people living with AIDS in our community.