NCAP’s primary goal is to help all people in northern Colorado living with HIV/AIDS gain access to the special medical care and medications that they need. Alongside HIV/AIDS care, NCAP offers access to many support services for individuals living with HIV/AIDS. NCAP is not a medical clinic, but facilitates access to specialized medical care.

Case Managers can determine if a client is eligible for insurance co-pay/premium assistance to help cover all out-of-pocket medical costs. In addition, financial assistance with housing, medications, nutrition, and dental care may be available to ensure that an individual's financial situation does not become a barrier to receiving medical care and treatment.

NCAP provides referrals to HIV/AIDS medical providers for treatment, including antiretroviral therapy, and has community partners that provide vision and dental services to eligible clients. Clients can also receive help with transportation to and from medical-related trips for local or regional care.

NCAP is the only AIDS service organization in Northern Colorado, and works directly to serve individuals living with HIV/AIDS. NCAP case managers help clients navigate the often-complicated process of gaining access to other assistance (such as food stamps, Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, and housing) provided by the federal and state governments. NCAP also maintains a food bank onsite for client use.