Insurance Services

It is important that clients of CHN apply to qualify for the Medicaid Expansion or Health Insurance through the Market Place. Medical Case Managers will be able to assist clients with the Medicaid application process. Furthermore, Health Coverage Guides are available to support clients with Health Insurance through the Market Place.

Clients can contact their Medical Case Managers for any questions or concerns about the series of received letters.

All CHN clients that are under 138% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) and a U.S. citizen will be eligible for Medicaid. The 138% of FPL guidelines including household size are:

  • 1 Person Household $16,643 or $1, 322/month
  • 2 Person Household $ 22,411 or $1,784/month
  • 3 Person Household $ 28,180 or $2,245/month
For clients over the Federal Poverty Level contact your Case Manager to see what other programs you may qualify for.