With so much happening on the day of AIDS Walk Colorado, it can sometimes be difficult to realize the impact that your participation is making. By attending the event - whether you're  walking, running, or playing volleyball in the tournament - you are helping to raise awareness of HIV / AIDS in our community. On top of that, every dollar raised and/or donated helps in huge ways. 

Funding from events such as AIDS Walk Colorado - Walk for Life helps to fill in the gaps where federal and grant funding don't fully cover costs. Programs most under-funded are Nutrition/Food Bank services, Oral Health Care, and Prevention.

Here are some of the ways the money you raise makes an impact:

  • $10 helps to provide homeless clients with nutritional supplements
  • $25 provides 10 full meals in the Food Bank 
  • $50 covers two weeks of transportation to medical appointments
  • $100 makes it possible to provide 1,000 new clean syringes through the Access Point program
  • $250 covers the cost of 25 HIV tests at a CAP office or at HeyDenver
  • $500 provides counseling sessions for someone struggling with a new HIV diagnosis
  • $750 makes it possible to connect 20 individuals with medical insurance
  • $1,000 provides a full set of dentures at Howard Dental Center
  • $5,000 provides housing for a family of four for 4 months
By joining us at AIDS Walk Colorado, you have the power to impact thousands of lives.